Summer trip to USA


The summer roadshow trip to US is about to finish. It last 8 weeks and more than 20 flights, above 40 hours driving cars, lots of hotels, many meetings with CIOs of multiple companies doing business with IT Convergence. Recorded more than 50 videos. 5 sessions on events. Agreed and plan multiple decisions with IT Convergence and Oracle’s executives. And also some fun.

This roadshow took me to these cities: Green Bay, WI – Austin, TX – Beloit, WI – Milwakee, WI – Irvine, CA – Los Angeles, CA – Dallas, TX – Richardson, TX – Plano, TX – Chicago, IL – Barrington, IL – San Francisco, CA – Novato, CA – Redwood City, CA – Seattle, WA – Stateline, CA – San Diego, CA – San Jose, CA – New York, NY – Houston, TX

The results exceeded my personal expectations and I’m comfortable that also for those who planned this trip with me. The potential of IT Convergence was confirmed and the strategy which I’ve been working for more than one year has started to take shape. We’re starting to see some results and the vision of creating a new line of services is starting to grow. There’s a huge team of strong and skilled professionals behind it.

From my personal experience, at the beginning with my family the trip went fast. The final weeks without them was hard and I’m thinking that it might not happen again. My professional growth was amazing. Meeting experienced executives there’s always room for learning and taking new concepts to apply.

The show must go on. This is just the beginning.

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