Are You Kidding Me? 163 Oracle ACE Sessions at Oracle OpenWorld

It’s all set; Oracle OpenWorld 2011 sessions are finalized and the content catalog is open to the world.

Take note: 163 of these sessions will involve at least one Oracle ACE. (Yes, you read that number right!) In some cases, Oracle ACEs are presenting on multiple occasions, with Lucas Jellema’s six sessions taking the prize in this category. (Really, Lucas? When will you have time to eat and sleep?)

We’re especially proud of the “new blood” in this crowd – for example, MySQL honchos Ronald Bradford, Sheeri Cabral, Giuseppe Maxia, and Sarah Novotny are all in the mix.

The complete list is shown below; of course you can find session descriptions and timing in the content catalog itself. Congratulations to all our Oracle ACE speakers!

Presenter Title Session ID
Ahmed Alomari Oracle Applications Tuning Panel 08789
Alex Gorbachev Under the Hood of Oracle Automatic Storage Management: Fault Tolerance 09867
Monitoring MySQL with Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control 30280
Andrejus Baranovskis Texas A&M University System Architecture: Oracle ADF, Oracle WebCenter Portal and Content 02923
Oracle Business Intelligence/Oracle ADF Integration Using the Action Framework 04862
Oracel ADF Enterprise Methodology Group: A+-Quality Oracle ADF Code 32481
Andrew Jorgensen Hyperion SIG 28202
Andy Katz Upgrading to Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.1 Without Losing Your Hair or Your Wallet 04926
Aris Prassinos Design Flexible Data Models Leveraging Oracle Database 11g R2 XML Indexing Capabilities 04302
Arup Nanda Migration to Oracle Exadata 06340
Oracle Exadata Management for Oracle DBAs 08046
Oracle Data Integration for Oracle Exadata: A Key Ingredient for Success 19401
IOUG: Oracle Exadata for Oracle DBAs 31460
Asif Momen Oracle RAC One Node: What, Why, and How 02920
Oracle Database Performance Tuning: Get the Basics Right 09432
Benjamin Prusinski Lockdown: Secure Your Database in a Day 02180
Billy Cripe What Does Mobility Mean for ECM and Enterprise 2.0? 08315
Bradley Brown Building a User-Definable, Flexible UI with Oracle Application Express: Case Study 03343
Brian Huff Creating a Global E-Commerce Site with Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle Fusion Middleware 09531
Integrating ECM into Your Enterprise: 5 Techniques to Try and 5 Traps to Avoid 09539
Carl Dudley Safeguard Your Data with Flashback Features in Oracle Database 11g 09021
Cary Millsap Instrumentation: Why You Should Care 06782
Thinking Clearly About Skew 06788
Chris Claterbos Fast, Complex BI Analysis with Oracle OLAP 08382
Chris Muir Angels in the Architecture: An Oracle Application Development Framework Architectural Blueprint 02240
A Change Is as Good as a REST: Oracle JDeveloper 11g‘s REST Web Services 02241
Christian Trieb Oracle Configuration Manager in a Database Cloud 05620
Connor McDonald Oracle Database 11g Features for Developers 08857
Craig Shallahamer Introduction to Oracle Buffer Cache Internals 08949
SQL Elapsed Time Analysis 08955
Dan Vlamis IOUG: Fast Complex BI Analysis with Oracle OLAP 27800
Daniel Dock Quick Start to Oracle Essbase 28820
Dave Rudzinsky What’s Next for Oracle Business Intelligence Applications? A Sneak Peak into the Future 16741
Debra Lilley Do I Upgrade or Go Straight to Oracle Fusion Applications? 08637
Dimitri Gielis Oracle Application Express 4.0 Charts Inside Out 03120
Oracle Application Express and Locator/Spatial Features: A Success Story 03122
Doug Burns Performance and Stability with Oracle Database 11g‘s SQL Plan Management 07900
Douglas Miller Oracle Exadata Hybrid Columnar Compression: Next-Generation Compression 13803
Douwe Pieter van den Bos Oracle Application Express Within Oracle SOA Suite 07049
Edward Roske The Oracle Fusion Applications User Experience: Transforming Work into Insight 18700
Quick Start with Oracle Hyperion Planning 28803
Quick Start for Oracle Hyperion Financial Management 28804
Elke Phelps Advanced Oracle E-Business Suite Architectures: Maximum Availability, Security, and More 17258
Ferhat Sengonul Turkcell’s Oracle Exadata Journey Continues: Three Full Racks Running Six Databases 04561
Floyd Teter The ABCs of Implementing Oracle Fusion Project Portfolio Management 18460
Giuseppe Maxia IOUG: Bridging MySQL and Oracle Databases with Open Source Replication 27661
MySQL: Jailbreaking MySQL Replication 29021
MySQL: Don’t Be a Rookie Forever — Be in Command (Line) 29060
Glenn Schwartzberg Oracle Essbase Studio Release How It Can Reduce Your Stress 09568
Graeme Bowmaker Consolidation to the Cloud 08633
Graham Smith PeopleSoft Success: Using Virtualization to Manage TCO 14006
Gustavo Gonzalez BI and Analytics: The Inside Scoop on Planning and Executing an Implementation 04403
Guy Harrison Making the Most of Solid-State Disk in Oracle Database 11g 03841
IOUG: Optimizing Oracle Database Instances on VMware 27160
Hajo Normann Humans Are (Not) a Service: The Journey Toward Oracle Business Process Management 07320
Holger Friedrich Absolute Power: Moving a Banking Data Warehouse from IBM to Exadata Database Machine X2-2 06641
Upgrading a Whole Data Warehouse Stack to Exadata Database Machine X2-2 and Getting Warp Speed 06660
Ian Abramson IOUG: Big Data—Are You Ready? 27180
Jerry Ireland Interfacing with Oracle E-Business Suite by Using Oracle SOA Suite 09614
ODTUG: Introduction, Overview, and Agenda 28741
Data Warehouse Performance 101+ 28760
Data Warehouse Performance Experts Panel 28783
John Kanagaraj Oracle Real Application Testing Meets the Real World 08551
Scalable, Smarter Monitoring with Oracle Enterprise Manager: Expert Tips 13982
John King High Availability with Edition-Based Redefinition 09939
John Stouffer 12 Steps to Oracle E-Business Suite 12 Upgrade: Hazelden Foundation Release 12 Lessons Learned 08842
Oracle E-Business Suite Versus Your Legacy Environment: Justifying Upgrade Value in Government 15095
John Tao Consolidate Oracle E-Business Suite Databases in Oracle Database 11g Release 2 Grid: Case Study 08945
Joze SENEGACNIK Getting the Best from the Cost-Based Optimizer 09547
Julian Dontcheff Tuning Toolkit for Advanced DBAs: Learn from the Past, and Prepare for the Future 14644
Kaberi Nayak Upgrading to Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.1: Technical/Functional Panel 12280
Kai Yu Configuring and Managing a Private Cloud with Oracle Enterprise Manager 06980
Upgrading Oracle Enterprise Manager, Using Best Practices 07633
Ensure the High Availability and Stability of Oracle RAC: Storage and Network Side Story 09385
Kamran Agayev Oracle Recovery Manager (Oracle RMAN) 11g New Features 06787
Karen Brownfield Maximize Efficiency of Oracle E-Business Suite 11i and 12 Through Diagnostics 07646
Oracle Workflow Troubleshooting in Oracle E-Business Suite 12 07660
Kent Graziano Introduction to Data Vault Modeling 05923
Why Data Vault? 28782
Kevin Creel OAUG Value Chain Planning SIG 28361
Kshitij Kumar Oracle Human Resources Analytics Provides Better Management Information to Support Growth 14519
Léon Smiers Simplifying Work Order Management in the Utilities Market with Oracle BPM Solutions 30222
Lewis Cunningham Know Your Code: Automate PL/SQL Quality and Standards Compliance 02921
Lonneke Dikmans Approach to SOA: Making This a Successful Endeavor for the Whole Organization 28720
Lucas Jellema SOA and BPM Across the Cloud 08572
Push to the Limit: Rich and Proactive User Interfaces with Oracle ADF 08620
Instant Agility in Oracle Fusion Middleware Through Design Time @ Runtime 08623
Reaching Out from PL/SQL 08625
Gold Nuggets in Oracle ADF Faces 08956
Oracle ADF Enterprise Methodology Group: Gold Nuggets in Oracle ADF Faces 32502
Marc Fielding Evaluating Oracle Exadata: Starring Roles for the Best Technology 09811
Marcelle Kratochvil Why You Should Be Storing Unstructured Data in the Oracle Database 06901
Mark Farnham An Alternative to Star Transformations: Spiny Starfish 28780
Mark Rittman Oracle Business Intelligence Systems Management Best Practices and New Features 04844
IOUG: Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 11gArchitecture and Internals 27201
Oracle Business Intelligence Deployment and Change Management Best Practices 28560
Mark Simpson Oracle SOA Suite: Supporting Changing Market Demands 09066
Enterprise Architecture and SOA Governance: People, Process, Technology (and Compromises?) 09303
Michael Ault Launching the IOUG Virtualization SIG: 360 Degrees of Virtualization for Oracle DBAs 28900
Michael Brown Oracle E-Business Suite Release to Release 12.1.3: A Technical Perspective 08777
Michael Rosenblum Thick Database Approach: The Key to Successful Web Architecture 28681
Michelle Malcher Validating Oracle Database Vault Implementations 09892
IOUG: Securely Deploying Oracle Application Express 27300
Mohan Dutt OCP Advisor Tips on How to Become an Oracle Certified Professional 08042
Murali Vallath “Think Outside Your Interconnect” When Optimizing Your Oracle RAC Environment 06941
The Oracle Database 11g Release 2 Result Cache Feature in an Oracle RAC Environment 06942
Looking Under the Hood at Oracle Clusterware 11g Release 2 06945
Oded Raz Oracle Database Vault: Learn by Example 03344
Patricia dues Best Practices for Maintaining Oracle E-Business Suite 12 14884
Patrick Schwanke An Easy, High-Speed Connect Between NoSQL Databases and Oracle Database 03183
Paul Dorsey Building Oracle Systems in the Developing World 09700
Achieving Great Web Application Performance with Only SQL and PL/SQL 09718
Web Architecture Introduction, Overview, and Agenda 28661
How Will You Build Your Next System? 28680
Web Architecture Experts Panel 28740
Peter Koletzke Achieving the Perfect Layout with Oracle ADF Faces Rich Client 09456
Oracle ADF On-Ramp: What You Need to Know to Use the Oracle ADF Technology Stack 09480
Oracle WebLogic Server Application Security: Implementing the Superstition in Oracle JDeveloper 09491
The Heart of Your Application: Oracle ADF Core Technologies 28700
Raimonds Simanovskis Extending Oracle E-Business Suite with Ruby on Rails 08604
Raman “Ron” Batra Fusion Middleware SIG 28180
Unlocking the Cloud Computing Value Proposition: A Use Case Approach 09486
Rich Niemiec Oracle Exadata Performance Advantages Revealed 08010
Application Tuning Adventures on Oracle Real Application Clusters 08032
What If Kramer Were Your DBA and Seinfeld Tuned Your Database? 08044
Riyaj Shamsudeen IOUG: Administering Parallel Execution in Oracle RAC 28060
Rizwan M.K. Oracle Exadata/Oracle Exalogic: The Magic Wand for the Aging Application Infrastructure 09105
Roger Brown Tucson Electric Reengineers the Customer Experience with Oracle Fusion Middleware 13603
Ronald Bradford MySQL: Improving Performance with Better Indexes 28980
MySQL: Explaining the MySQL Explain 29000
Sarah Novotny Operational Wins in MySQL Release 5.5 20882
Scott Spendolini Oracle Application Express Behind the Scenes 09576
Oracle Application Express Adolescence 28580
Preventing Oracle Application Express Leaks 28641
Sheeri Cabral Becoming a Rock Star MySQL DBA 20880
IOUG: Securing MySQL 31520
Shivani Agarwal Scaling Infrastructure to Meet Business Growth: A Coherence Customer Panel 13783
Simon Haslam, Jacco Landlust Oracle ADF Enterprise Methodology Group 05660
Deployment Patterns for Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g 08709
Oracle WebLogic Server and Oracle RAC 20942
Sten Vesterli Choose Your Weapon: An Overview of Oracle Development Tools 09052
Oracle ADF Enterprise Methodology Group: Starting an Enterprise Oracle ADF Project 32460
Steven Feuerstein High-Performance PL/SQL 02500
Best Practices for PL/SQL Development in Oracle Application Express 28660
Tanel Poder Large-Scale Consolidation onto Oracle Exadata: Planning, Execution, and Validation 09355
Tariq Farooq Migrate Your Online Oracle Database to Oracle RAC with Oracle Streams and Oracle Data Pump 05861
Database Performance Tuning: Getting the Best Out of Oracle Enterprise Manager 05901
Overview and Implementation of Clustering and High Availability with Oracle VM 09144
Timothy Gorman RDBMS Forensics: Using ASH for Troubleshooting 04921
Scaling to Infinity: Partitioning Data Warehouses on Oracle Database 07627
Scaling to Infinity: Partitioning Data Warehouses on the Oracle Platform 28781
Todd Carlson Oracle Database 11g SCAN: Sharing a Successful Implementation Experience 05561
Todd Sheetz Oracle RAC 11g Release 2 on Oracle Linux for Oracle’s PeopleSoft Applications 04680
IOUG: Oracle Technology on Linux Customer Panel 27660
Venkatakrishnan Janakiraman Automated System/Unit Testing with Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 11g 08933
Performing a Security Audit on Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 11g 08944
Vinod Haval IOUG: Oracle Exadata — A Real-Life Example 27260
IOUG: Oracle Exadata Customer Panel 27261
Wilfred van der Deijl How to Automate Decision-Making with Oracle Business Rules 11g 09089
Four Ways to Transition from Oracle Forms to Oracle ADF 09098
Oracle ADF Enterprise Methodology Group: Transitioning from Oracle Forms to Oracle ADF 32500
Yoshinori Matsunobu Scaling and Monitoring MySQL for Rapidly Growing Social Gaming 14882
Yury Velikanov AWR Performance Data Mining 05581